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About Us

We are a team of hard working hands-on professionals​ based in Latvia. Our belief in win-win, high quality and high performance partnerships has gained us a number of industry leading customers along the way.


In late 2020 due to the increase in demand, we opened our new facilities which  helped us increase our capacity and range of services. We have exciting plans for future, and we are happy to share our excitement and success with our customers.

We manufacture various steel products for customers across industries, nevertheless our main products include:

  • Load bearing steel structures, mostly for industrial use;

  • Platforms, frames, stairs,railings etc. for industrial and residential use;

  • Custom welded metal parts for machinery and construction;

  • Custom containers for industrial equipment;

  • Towers for high voltage power lines, structures for substations;

  • Heavy equipment and parts for offshore and mining;

  • Custom industrial machinery (transporters, feeders, lifters, conveyors, etc.);

Our IWE managed welders are certified according to ISO 9606

ISO 15614 certified welding procedures for material groups 1.1, 1.2, 8.1

Painting according to 12944-5

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Talk to you soon,

RB Metals Team

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